Position: Assistant Professor of Food Engineering
Tel: (0030) 22710-35000
Fax: (0030) 22540-83109
e-mail: zioan(at)aegean.gr
  • Ph.D., School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, “Development and characterization of carbon molecular sieves (CMS) utilizing agricultural co-products for their use as adsorbents to environmental applications” (October 2006 – January 2011), (Supervisor Prof. J. Simitzis)
  • MSc, in Material Science and Technology, School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, “Production of ceramic materials with sol-gel method” (September 2004 ­January 2006) (Supervisors Prof. J. Simitzis and Assist. Prof. L. Ζoumpoulakis).
  • Dipl. Chem. Eng., School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (October 1999 -July 2004)
  • Adsorptive materials (activated carbon, molecular sieves, zeolite – oxides systems) derived from agricultural co-products and soil materials
  • Remediation of waters and soils from organic compounds (phenols, nitrophenols, dyes etc) and heavy metals (Cd, Pb, Cr)
  • Management of water and solid wastes from food, colour and metallurgical industries
  • Management of greenhouse gases emissions from industries
  • ‘Study of Pb transfer reduction from Pb-contaminated soils in plants’, A. Argiri, Z. Ioannou , A. Dimirkou, Com. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. (under review), F.P.
  • ‘Adsorption kinetics of phenol and 3-nitrophenol from conventional and novel carbons’ Z.Ioannou, J. Simitzis, J. Hazard. Mater. 2009, 171, 954-964, F.P.
  • ‘Sorption of Zink by Clinoptilolite-Fe(NO3)3 systems’, Z. Ioannou, A. Dimirkou, E. Golia, A. Ioannou, Com. Soil Sci. Plant Anal., 2009, 40, 240-258, F.P.
  • ‘Οverall kinetic study of non-isothermal decomposition of calcium carbonate’, Z. Ioannou, L. Zoumpoulakis, Ι. Halikia, T. Teloniati, Min. Process. Extract. Metall., 2009, 118, 98-104, F.P.
  •  ‘Sorption of Cd and As by goethite and clinoptilolite’ A. Dimirkou, Z. Ioannou, E. Golia, N. Danalatos, I. Mitsios, Com. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 2009, 40, 259-272, F.P.
C: Communication; FP: Full Paper ; R: Review


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