• Position: Associate Professor of Food Chemistry
  • Tel: (0030)22540 83111
  • Fax: (0030)22540 83009
  • Email: chkarantonis(at)aegean.gr

2005-2007 Post Doc Researvh: School of Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry, Laboratory of Food chemistry and Biochemistry,National &Kapodistrian University of Athens.
“Study of the antiatherogenic properties of olive oil and olive pomace lipid fractions-comparison with statins”
2000 – 2004     phD Thesis in Chemistry , School of Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry, Laboratory of Food chemistry and Biochemistry,National &Kapodistrian University of Athens.
“Study of the biologically active lipids in traditional Mediterranean diet foods and their protective effect in atherosclerosis development”
1998 – 2000      Master of Science (M.Sc) in Biochemistry: School of Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry, Laboratory of Food chemistry and Biochemistry,National &Kapodistrian University of Athens.
“ Antiatherogenic properties of vegetable oils-A biochemical approach”
1993 – 1998     Bacherlor of B.Sc, School of Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry,National &Kapodistrian University of Athens.
REsearch Interests
  • Analysis and of food microconstituents
  • Mechanisms of oxidation, thrombosis, and inflammation.
  • Effect of food microconstituents on oxidation, thrombosis, and inflammation
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Health effects of bioactive food microconstituents on chronic inflammatory diseases
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Chapters in Books
  • Antonopoulou, S., Nomikos, T., Karantonis, H.C., Fragopoulou, E. and Demopoulos, C.A. PAF, a potent lipid mediator. In: Bioactive Phospholipids: Role in Inflammation and Atherosclerosis. Editor A.Tselepis, Trasworld Research Network, 2008
  • Antonopoulou, S., Karantonis, H.C. and Nomikos, T. Antithrombotic and antiatherogenic lipid minor constituents from olive oil. In: Olive oil: Minor constituents and health. Editor D.Boskou, Taylor and Francis, 2008.
  • Antonopoulou, S., Nomikos, T., Fragopoulou, E. and Karantonis, H.C. Isolation and characterisation of cyanobacterial lipids with bioactivity towards platelet-aggregation. In: Protocols on algal research. Editor S.N. Bagchi.



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