Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Metropolite Ioakeim 2,
81400 Myrina, Lemnos
Tel.: +302254083100, Fax: +302254083109
e-mail: secr-nutr(at)
The courses of the academic program are conducted in five buildings located in the broad area of the “Romeikos Yialos”:
  • Palimniako, Metropolite Ioakeim 2
  • Christodoulideio, Koundourioti 16
  • Pandelideio, Koundourioti 54
  • Kydadeio, Karatza 24
  • Lecture amphitheater Maroula, Municipality of Myrina, Garoufallide 32
Location of  the Department
The Department is located in the center of the city of Myrina, the capital of the Aegean island of Lemnos. In the following Map the location, as well as the interconnection of all of the building units is depicted.
Lemnos is connected by ship with the Northerner Greece (Kavala and Thessalonica), and with the central Greece (Lavrion).  Furthermore, there is a coastal connection, with the rest of the islands of the Northern Aegean (Mitilini, Chios and Samos).
Lemnos can be also accessed by air with flights  from, and to  Athens,  from and to Thessaloniki, and  from and to the islands of Mitilini - Chios - Samos.  For details and more information please contact:
Port Authority of Lemnos (coastal transport): 225402225
Airport of Lemnos (air transport): 2254029660, -92700)