Address:    Sustainable Agri-Food and Smart Farming Laboratory

Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of the Aegean
Aik. Mina Building, Ierou Lochou 10 and Makrygianni, 81400, Myrina, Lemnos, Greece

Contact:    Georgios Vasios, Assistant Professor, tel: +30 22540 83116, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The SAFSFL focuses on the study of the research thematics of Sustainable Diets, Agri-Food, Smart Farming and Biotic Resources Management, on theoretical and applied level. The main objective of the SAFSFL is the interdisciplinary approach between agriculture and the environment, for the study of modern and critical issues in food science and nutrition, from the perspective of environmental management, sustainable rural and regional development and human nutrition.


  • Sustainable Diets, Food Ecological Footprint and Food Security
  • Agri-Food Systems and Production of Innovative Food Products
  • Smart Farming, Precision Agriculture and Digital Agriculture
  • Bioactivity of Herbs and Medicinal Plants
  • Biotic Resources and Environmental Management
  • Spatial Analysis and GIS in Rural Areas


The SAFSFL is based in the Aik. Mina building of the DFSN/UA and for the implementation of a variety of research initiatives has at its disposal the laboratory equipment and facilities of DFSN. Indicatively:

  • Laboratory equipment for bioactivity analysis, such as ultrasound bath, water bath, visible spectrophotometer, etc.
  • Field and computing equipment for multispectral and thermal remote sensing data analysis, across different spatial scales (surface, aerial and satellite).
  • Weather station, in collaboration with the Geography of Natural Disasters Laboratory of the Department of Geography (
  • Hippocratic Botanical Garden, member of the Hellenic Botanical Gardens Network (


The SAFSFL is comprised by the following human resources, as well as research associates:

Faculty Members (DFSN):

  • Georgios Vasios, Assistant Professor “Biodiversity Management in Agri-Food”

Research Associates:

  • Andreas Troumbis, Professor “Ecology”, Department of Environment, UA
  • Constantinos Giaginis, Associate Professor “Human Physiology”, DFSN, UA
  • Ioannis Antoniadis, Assistant Professor “Corporate Strategy”, DRD-CBS, Univ. of Western Macedonia
  • Efthymios Poulios, Laboratory Teaching Staff “Microbiology”, LBMBF, DFSN, UA

Postdoctoral Researchers (DFSN):

  • Christina Sakarikou, “Study of the organic wine production with natural additives (sulphites free) in the dynamics of the wine-making industry”.

PhD Candidates (DFSN):

  • Eleftheria Alexoudaki, “Spatio-temporal data analysis across multiple scales for decision making: applications in smart farming”.
  • Maria Gialeli, “Development of Integrated Agri-Food Systems for the implementation of sustainable dietary patterns and the promotion of Well Being”.
  • Michail Kostopoulos, “Development of a spatial system for management of thyme areas of Lemnos towards their conservation and sustainable use at local level”.

Undergraduate Students (DFSN):

  • Anna Dimitraki
  • Christina Zilidou
  • Zacharoula Kokonozi
  • Eirini Koptsi
  • Panagiota Kotzia
  • Marios Letsios
  • Argyri Manoli
  • Eugenia Mastrogianni
  • Anthi Xintarianou
  • Ioanna Pagonidou
  • Elisavet Papadopoulou
  • Ioanna Papakosta
  • Aikaterini Roumelioti
  • Paraskevas Tsikoudis


  • Methodology of spatio-temporal analysis for disturbances on thyme areas, for their conservation and restoration at the level of local communities, combining multi-spectral systems across multiple spatial scales (code: 100925). Research project, from the programme: "Supporting researchers with emphasis on new researchers – 2nd call”, Operational Programme “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning”, NSRF 2014‐2020. Grade: 92.62/100. Funding: 41,000 €
  • Research Structure “AGRICA”: Aegean Agri-Food Research and Innovation Center (MIS 5021513). Financing laboratory equipment, from the programme: North Aegean Operational Programme 2014-2020, Special Managing Authority of North Aegean. Funding for DFSN: 400,000 €

The SAFSFL takes initiatives on the education of students and adults with topics concerning sustainable diets, environmental management and climate change. With the use of modern teaching techniques, the goal is the awareness of specific groups and the public, on modern and critical issues in food science and nutrition.


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